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Get more out of WeTransfer with Plus

For the people who love WeTransfer,
and asked us for more. Whether it's
for business or personal use.
We created it for you.
Plus is the ultimate WeTransfer upgrade.

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10GB transfers

The ability to transfer entire HD videos,
huge sets of photos and work files.
With Plus you can transfer up to 10GB
in one go and keep it available for as
long as you like.

Channel customization

Make a great

Present your downloads in style with your
own backgrounds and a personal URL.
You can upload up to three backgrounds
and customize your emails too.

Password highlight

Password protected transfers

Some files are confidential. We offer password
protected transfers with our Plus accounts to ensure
your files never fall into the wrong hands.

Storage highlight

Long term storage

Easily find back any transfer in a nice overview. Resend, forward or delete transfers whenever you want. Your files are never deleted unless you choose to do so. With Plus you're in complete control.

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Friendly pricing

Plus is priced at just $10 a month (paid yearly).
We'll remind you in time when your
subscription runs out so your files never
get lost. No fuss, no hassle.

Payment methods

Sign up for WeTransfer Plus

Just $10 a month (paid yearly)

The email address will also be used in case you have forgotten your password
Choose a password to login to your Plus account
Just making sure we don't get the wrong password and you won't run into any login problems later on...

Your Details

Are you a company located in the Netherlands?
We will charge you 21% VAT.

Are you a company located in the EU (except NL)?
If you enter your company details and your european tax ID number, we won't charge any VAT.

Are you a company located outside the EU (e.g. U.S.)?
We won't charge you any VAT. You can still enter all company details if you like.
Fill in your company's tax/VAT number (format: NL0123456789). Remember to include the country code.

Before you buy...

The web browser you are using is not compatible with some of the features you get with Plus. You will be limited to 2 GB per transfer instead of 10 GB.

We recommend that you upgrade to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to enjoy all the features that Plus offers.

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