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with the free WeTransfer mobile app.

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WeTransfer Experience

Finally, WeTransfer enters the mobile domain.
We're making sure that you have one less thing
to worry about and can focus on the things that
matter. In fact we aim to change what used to
be a hassle into a great experience by making
our app as sexy as we possibly could.


As you can expect from us, the app is
a breeze to use. With your photos
and videos at your fingertips, transferring
has never been easier.

Simply make a selection, add one or
more recipient emails, and enjoy some
of the great imagery featured on our
platform while your transfer is on its way.
Did we mention it's free?

Raising the bar

Transfer up to 10 GB in one go.
That's a lot.

Plus Account

You can link your WeTransfer Plus account
to the app so you can keep track of your
mobile transfers and store them safely in your
account for as long as you like.

Already the proud owner of a Plus account?
Go to the devices page to link your account
to your phone or tablet.

Solid Android

Whether your phone is running Android or iOS,
we got you covered. However Android, has
something extra!

Use the Share icon in the Android user
interface to instantly transfer any file
from any app.

Available now for iOS and Android

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