Can you kill them with kindness?

At WeTransfer we are growing rapidly. That's why we are looking for a tech/user support agent, although this doesn't really describe the position you'll be filling. You’ll be doing way more than just handling support tickets. We eat, breathe and bleed support.

Wanna help us keep our community happy? That's cool, but it's not enough. We need someone that can help our community thrive. Turn haters into fans!

To do that, offering first class support to our users obviously helps. You'll answer their questions, reply to their tweets. Help out people with anything they might run into. Make it a conversation. Collect thoughts and suggestions, and think about how we can improve our service.

We serve more than 35 million users every month and process over 3 million transfers a day. Exciting? Hell yes! Nerve wracking? Only when the sh*t hits the fan. Which doesn't happen very often, thanks to our tech team. But when it does, we need to keep our users informed and as happy as possible.

Here's what we need

A fulltime technical support person (40 hours/week) with the flexibility of a yogi (no 9-to-5 attitudes please!). We'll work out a schedule together with the rest of the happiness troupe, so you'll fit in snug as a bug in a rug.

Your English has to be excellent. If you speak Dutch and maybe one other language (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Klingon, French) that's a big Plus.

We need a nerdy person who can work independently. You have to know your way around knowledge bases, databases and FAQs, know how to use Google effectively, and not be scared to dive into the workings of things. We use Zendesk for ticketing, but also a variety of other online tools. If you like puzzles and really getting into details, you'll feel right at home.

Here's how we work

Proper pay and a fun, intelligent and social team. Geeking out on office chat. Regular meetings to sync with everyone. We'll feed you properly, get you drunk on Friday afternoon with our after-work drinks, and geek out with 30 Seconds. You'll also get your own WeTransfer Plus account, of course. All Amsterdam-based.

If you think you've got what it takes, and like to be part of a growing team, get in touch. We encourage all sections of society to apply, including people of all sexual orientations and all gender identities. You can reach us at jobs@wetransfer.com. Please include your motivation letter and resume. Yay!