Autofill form fields

Use a query string in the address bar to create a filled in WeTransfer form. This can be useful if you have a website and you want your visitors to be able to send you large files without having to fill in a ‘to’ and ‘message’ field.

By using the ‘to’ and ‘msg’ keywords you can specify the content for the ‘to’ and ‘message’ form fields when the page loads. If all of this is confusing to you, take a look at the example to the right and see if it becomes clearer.

This is an example where we set the ‘to’ field to: example@wetransfer.com
Here we set the ‘message’ field content to: that big file we need now. You should use URL encoding where necessary for spaces and other characters. You can find a list here.
If you want to set both, just place an ampersand (&) in between like this.

That’s it! We deliberately haven’t made it possible to specify a ‘from’ field because the uploader still needs to get the confirmation emails on his or her own email address.