WeTransfer advertising requirements


Advert design requirements

Advertising on WeTransfer works a bit differently from other websites. Other rules and restrictions apply. Before creating an advert for WeTransfer, we ask you to read the wallpaper guidelines so we can get your advert online on time and so you get the most out of your investment. Wallpaper guidelines.pdf Please keep in mind that we don’t allow more than 140 characters of text in an advert and we only allow one call to action. But most importantly, we ask you to let the imagery do the talking with as little distraction by overlapping logo’s, text, opaque areas, clutter, etc.

Design template

Advert design template

Ads on WeTransfer are scaled up or down, depending on the user display resolution. The base resolution is 2560x1600 pixels, but you will need to take into account the advert design template to make sure your advert is seen in the way you intended on every type of screen. WeTransfer Advert Template

We also made a special test page where you can preview what your static advert is going to look like on WeTransfer. WeTransfer background tester

Advert types and specifications

Template examples

Static, dynamic, video or interactive

Static adverts have no interactive capabilities other than being clickable and are most common on WeTransfer. It is also possible to advertise with interactive, video and dynamic adverts. To reduce high development costs, we have several templates you can choose from. Just send us the material and we will build it for you. Easy! Each template has its own requirements.

User initiated video - example We need to be supplied with a static image, including a separate click button with hover-state. And an mp4 video, at least 1280x800, under 20MB.

Interactive slideshow - example All we need is 4 static images (jpg) of at least 1920x1200 and we will convert it into an interactive slideshow for WeTransfer.



Interactive advert requirements

If none of the offered templates meet your demands, there is the interactive option. Use this to create interactive puzzles, games or whatever it is you need to make an impact. Please download the WeTransfer API and testing environment to create a custom interactive flash advert for WeTransfer. WeTransfer Flash API

When creating your advert, please keep these constraints in mind:

Let us create your advert

If you don't have the resources to build your own advert, we can also build it for you! Please contact us at advertising@wetransfer.com for more information.

If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out our Advert gallery

Tracking and statistics

WeTransfer provides weekly reporting based on the OpenX adserving platform. We report on clicks, adviews, delivery per day, etc. You will also receive an end report once your campaign has finished. For advanced statistics like heatmapping and dwell time, please contact advertising@wetransfer.com. Please don't use an external tracking/statistics service without consultation with WeTransfer.